American Pit Bull Terrier temperament


If there was a manual that describes the ideal temperament for a pit bull, probably wrote something like this: The Pit Bull is silly and friendly towards people-family, friends, and strangers too. Known for his strong character, strong will and high intelligence of the breed is an ideal companion for households with children, while remaining strong and ready to protect their loved ones where necessary. You never have to undergo training duties guarding the race, as it is by nature connected with the environment and responds to real threats. Although the pit bull, shows no aggressiveness in humans without real need, is likely to have aggressive to other dogs and the degree of such aggression can vary. The properly socialized and trained pit bull should not operate agresivelly nor will make it back to a challenge. The breed is also known by the prey drive), so special attention should be manifested in space when there are cats, rabbits, chickens etc. aggression towards other animals should not be treated as a defect, if uncontrolled and excessive aggression is wrong and undesirable. Aggression towards people should be treated as a serious flaw .

As indicated above under “ideal temperament manual”, the pit bull is generally a very friendly, stable and safe race. Although many have abused the race and the media have reacted in the worst way, aggression in humans has never been and continues to not be what represents the Pit Bull. Aggression in humans is a very serious matter and not something that should be easily overtaken.Dogs that are aggressive to humans (eg dogs that bite / attempt to bite humans) should be considered undesirable. The grunt (eg toys, food when traveling sofa, bed, etc.) must be construed as a warning and possibly a precursor to aggressive behavior. It is imperative that owners that their dog exhibits such behavior to seek professional help.

Because the pit bull is generally so friendly people breed is often insufficient space guards. Many specimens of the breed will let strangers enter the yard without much fuss, regardless of whether the owner is present or not. Despite the protection of the owner and the family pit bull is very willing and able to stop an attack. The breed has been rewarded for his excellent judgment and will only react only real threat. Because of this feature is that the pit bull that exhibits relatively poor physical samples in storage small space and has strong desire to protect the landlord in case of emergency, it is advisable to avoid any kind of education concerning storage space or bodyguard. A good dog can be easily damaged if you turn it into an animal with reduced confidence that can be dangerous for people. If you’re looking for an awesome and aggressive guard dog will be good to look for one of the tribes which have been created and bred for the above job duties.

This breed is known for having done their owners laugh. It is funny to the point being made ridiculous. Rolled back, lying on couches with their heads hanging down, run around like they are crazy, these dogs constantly make “fun.” They are active and energetic, for some it is too dogs to endure for others is exactly what they ask.

The pit bull is generally relatively aggressive towards other animals, although the degree of aggressiveness varies from dog to dog. The pit bull is by nature aggressive towards other animals and for this reason it is essential that owners can take certain precautions to education and socialization. The Pit Bull has a particularly developed prey drive. Small animals such as birds, squirrels and cats are often seen as ‘game’. The young pit bull should be socialized early with various animals and other dogs. The basic obedience training is necessary. However these can not be completely eliminated their genetic inheritance. As many have inherited pit bull aggression in other animals, socialization and education are simply management tools. A dog that has been brought up properly it will be easier to handle and control a dog that has been socialized and has taught rules of conduct.

Aggression animal when talking about the Pit Bull is a strange issue. Even dogs that have never manifested the characteristic may suddenly become entangled in a fight with another dog or suddenly be interested in smaller animals. Also many examples of the breed will never start a fight but will not back down if caused.

Because many pit bull have the will or even the instinct to fight, not necessarily looking to show aggression to gain “grade” being aggressive. Even people submissive breed should not be considered definitely that will always remain outside a dogfight.Allowing a pit bull to settle itself the “grade” of particular dogs are dangerous and can result in injuries. Although education certainly helps not to be believed that will completely eliminate the aggression towards other animals. Both sexes can be aggressive to other animals, but males are more irritable. Aggression in dogs of the same sex can be a problem. Generally believed that dogs of the same sex is not a good idea to live in the same house, especially when the owner is inexperienced operator.

The Pit Bull ripen slowly. A dog can not show his true temperament even to get 3 or even 4 years. Just because your puppy has reached 1 year without show aggression toward other animals that does not mean you will not ever express.

The pit bull can coexist peacefully with other dogs and other animals generally. The individual temperament, early training and socialization, play an important role in whether they allow a pit bull to live harmoniously with other animals. Too many people successfully maintain many Pit Bull and other pets in the same household. Its success is based on careful monitoring and proper management and training and of course the personality of each animal involved.