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April 17, 2013

Myths of American Pit Bulls

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Day in and day out I have heard myths and weird facts that have come up about Pitbulls. Some true yet some have always been passed on from one person to another without any proof. So why don’t we get to some of these myths regarding Pitbulls?

1) The owner breed fault problem:
Truly the debate on who’s fault has it been for the ruthless behavior with the Pitbulls still lies incomplete. On one side the unpredictable nature of this breed, be it the tendency of never giving up a fight or the typical hold and shake bite style, has always been a pose of threat to the society. Along with this comes the fact that the many instances of accidents include 52% of the total accidents on the owners and the family itself.

2) Detecting Pitbulls is tough:

“Pitbulls are almost impossible or, if not impossible very tough to identify”  say the Pitbull advocate and they have created certain online tests in order to confuse the common people so as to be unable to recognize a pitbull. As a result the identification of a pitbull has become tough. But there are certain test that help you understand these difference by telling you the frame, posture and distinct head and jaw size of a pit bull type dog.

3) Pitbulls, not unpredictable?

Despite the saying go that pitbulls are not unpredictable, this type of breed attacks without any warning. It does not show any signs of pre attack such as growling or baring the teeth etc. making them a so called disrespectable breed. Pitbulls can outsmart  an average citizen about their future actions easily.

4) Pitbulls, the most popular dogs:

Pitbulls advocate state that the pitbulls became the most popular dogs after the World War 1, something that has never been proved. As a result when the claim was ran then Pitbulls type ranked at 25th position out of the 34 breed known at that time with which came the known fact and the names that are now known well as pit bull terrier, Staffordshire, and American bulldog.

5) False Statistics:

Pitbulls advocate state that the fatal attack statistics that were given over the search of 20 years (1979 to 1998) are false. Again the Pitbull Advocates state that the attacks were brought up by the media so heavily that they were counted wrong or double counted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Clearly myths have come up and some have been proved right and some wrong. but surely the measures of control must be taken in to control the attacks and keep the myths changing into reality.


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