April 15, 2013

What is BSL

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The BSL is a moral failure. The BSL is a setback for public safety.

Below we will describe data from other states that apply or apply the Law of Certain dog breeds, focusing more on the U.S.


Legislation on Certain dog breeds, prohibits or restricts certain types of dogs based on appearance and to perceived as “dangerous.”

A breed ban usually requires dogs that occurrence (the “targeted breed”) be removed from the area law is in force.

Restrictions individual breeds may require the owner of a targeted breed do any or all of the following, or other, depending on what the law states.

  • The dog running on a muzzle in public.
  • The dog spayed.
  • The dog confined in a cage with special conditions.
  • The dog kept on a leash specific length and / or material.
  • The owner is obliged to pay insurance sum.
  • The owner shall affix labels wild dog outside the house which the dog resides.
  • The dog should bring wild dog tag or other identification accessories.

Legislation to specific breeds only applies to dogs this show, not all dogs. Does not take into account how the owner has raise, train or handle the dog. Does not take into account the behavior of the dog.

Why is it wrong to Law in Certain Dog Breeds?

  1. Legislation on Certain dog breeds does not improve public safety and does not prevent dog attacks.
  2. The Law of Specific Dog Breeds ignore the problem and the psychological state of victims and potential victims, other non-targeted breeds.
  3. Legislation on Certain dog breeds are expensive.
  4. Legislation on Certain dog breeds requires that each dog is identified race, which proved to be impossible to do with objectivity.
  5. Legislation on Certain dog breeds makes targeted breeds more attractive to irresponsible owners and criminals.
  6. The Law of Specific Breeds Dog does something so irresponsible owners to reflect on their responsibilities.
  7. Legislation on Certain dog breeds punishes responsible dog owners.
  8. None Kennel Institution does not support the Law of Certain dog breeds.


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