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Symptoms of health problems

  How can you tell if your dog is not feeling well?  Is he ill or just tired?  What are the common symptoms of a dog health problem? The more you get familiar with your dog’s habits and behaviors, the easier it is to tell if he is experiencing a dog health problem.  Below is [...]

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Dog Skin

  The skin is the largest organ of the dog’s body and a frequent source of problems. The job of the skin is to protect the inner organs and tissues from invasions by foreign substances, changing temperature and dehydration. The skin also works to synthesize essential vitamins for the rest of the body and performs [...]

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How Make Your Dog Focus On your Face When Commanded

    Before you can proceed to any basic training of your dog, you must teach him to focus. It is a good idea to begin your initial training by taking your dog into a quiet and familiar environment where he will be least distracted, thereby obtaining the greatest level of focus. Focus is the [...]

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Myths of American Pit Bulls

Day in and day out I have heard myths and weird facts that have come up about Pitbulls. Some true yet some have always been passed on from one person to another without any proof. So why don’t we get to some of these myths regarding Pitbulls? 1) The owner breed fault problem:Truly the debate on [...]

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What is BSL

  The BSL is a moral failure. The BSL is a setback for public safety. Below we will describe data from other states that apply or apply the Law of Certain dog breeds, focusing more on the U.S. Description Legislation on Certain dog breeds, prohibits or restricts certain types of dogs based on appearance and to [...]